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Jul 6, 2023

Throughout my domaining experience, one thing has remained a constant. Seeing details into a domain’s performance is practically impossible! This is one differentiator that Parkit’s platform is focused on. How can we provide accurate statistics that lets you make data-based decisions?

While we’re currently building out analytics, I wanted to show you some early examples of what you’ll see for your parked domains!

Last week, we mentioned how we’ll support visitor counts, their locations, where they came from, etc. If you missed that message, you can find it here. I’m going to assume most of us are familiar with what systems like Google Analytics provide, and needs to provide that same level of detail. Here’s a peek into the domain analytics overview page:

As you can see above, we’re pointing out how many visitors (different computers) came to your site, along with one very important metric: the bounce rate. When your bounce rate lowers, it means visitors are spending longer amounts of time interacting with more of your site; something that’s crucial for your parking page to succeed!

Additionally, the map view provides a visual into where your visitors are coming from. You’re able to hover and click to drill into the statistics all the way down to a city! (And let it be known, we remembered New Zealand 😉)

Finally, we’ve included the top pages that are being viewed along with which websites sent people to you. This lets you see if anyone is promoting you or what search terms are resulting in visits.

This is just the start of what metrics you’ll be able to view! A larger hurdle we’ve been overcoming this week is separating the traffic when bots are crawling a site and when actual visitors come to the site: something we’ve made good headway on. Next up is tracking what content visitors are interacting with on your site, whether it’s an ad, blog post, product, or form!

As a domainer, I want to trust the data coming from any analytics I view. I also don’t have the time or desire to link up Google Analytics for every, single website. With, it automatically tracks this from the moment you go live. And heck, if you want to embed something like GA4, we’ll give you that ability too.

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