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Jun 29, 2023

This has been a busy week for us leveling up our content generation engine to give your sites the best opportunity to rank well in search engines!

Previously, our algorithm created posts and pages that had a 20-40% chance of showing as AI-generated content. Definitely a concern that could cause certain pages and entire sites to be de-valued in their ranking.

We’ve spent the past week rebuilding our whole content creation process, and are proud to report it’s between a 0-3% chance that any page shows as AI-generated! That means any site we create for your domains automatically builds ranking for your keywords as quickly as possible! is a great example featuring this new content engine! And we’re excited to roll out to the rest of our current sites over the coming days.

Our focus next week is to finish building out detailed analytics. Here’s a sneak peek into what all it supports day one!

  • New and returning visitors. We do this in a GDPR-compliant way by not logging any personal data and only storing an anonymous record for their browser that detects if they’re a new visitor or returning. A great way of seeing consistent interest by specific visitors without the need for annoying cookie banners.

  • Location data. Even though we won’t be storing a visitor’s IP address, we do capture the country, region/state/province, and city of each person hitting your site. This is an important metric, especially for geo-specific domains.

  • Time-bound stats. From the time visitors spend on each page to how many people bounce from the site entirely, all of this data will be stored and reported to you.

  • Click events. Want to see how many people went to the checkout form or clicked on an ad? We’ll be tracking every interaction someone has with your sites.

Thanks again for your support, and we’re excited for those of you that have been able to join the system so far!

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© Parkit AI, LLC. All rights reserved.

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