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Jul 14, 2023

This week let’s cover the most common (and most important) question I’ve been asked so far: “How much will Parkit cost?”

When I began working out how would operate, my personal experience with parking and selling came to mind time and again. After spending years trying many parked page providers, I ended up building my own sites for domains… and there’s one main reason: lack of transparency. I had no idea where revenue was coming from and how much I should be making.

By venturing into the world of Parkit, I want us to solve this painpoint in a clear way. You’ve already seen how we’re providing detailed analytics into where visitors are coming from, now let’s tackle how we’ll be priced!

The answer is simple:

  • Free to Host.

  • Free to Sell.

  • Free to Advertise.

  • And Together, We Share.

Now, I’m sure dozens of questions fill your mind after reading that statement. “What does sharing the revenue actually mean?” or “Where do the ads come from? Are they quality, well-paying ads?”. Let’s dive into each of these points!

Together, We Share: It’s in our best interest to ensure your parked websites perform in the best way possible and sharing revenue enforces this reality. You’re the domain owner and though we’re building and managing a website for you, you’re simply trusting us to be a good partner. So our percent of this revenue will be less than what you make.

Imagine if you sold clothing on a Shopify site and they took a larger cut than you on orders visitors place? You founded the business, you know your audience, and you’re the one promoting your site. How could they possibly make more than the one who’s invested into the business? In the same way, I want Parkit to partner with you but not penalize you for building your domain business.

As for the exact breakdown of this revenue split, we’re currently finalizing calculations to ensure Parkit can build a sustainable business and scale to meet your needs. What I can promise is that the more you make through our platform, the less we take, percentage-wise. And most importantly, we will share every breakdown of what you make and what we make, down to the cent!

Free to Advertise: We're working towards a partnership with Google Adsense that allows us to automate literally every step of inserting ads, verifying sites, and getting paid. What’s even better is they’ll facilitate separate payments to both you and Parkit, transparently.

Free to Sell: From day one, we’ve encouraged you to sell domains through Parkit without any marketplace fees. With our Stripe partnership, we are able to hold true to this fact and have Stripe pay you directly for any domains sold through the platform. We simply take a small cut of Stripe’s credit card or bank account transfer fee!

Free to Host: Using AI to generate websites and hosting those built sites costs money. But if you use modern technology to your advantage, you can easily limit those costs and build blazing fast sites. That’s the approach we’ve taken. And even though we could charge monthly fees like traditional hosting companies, my goal is that Parkit can be used to power your entire portfolio, even the lesser-known domains. A revenue-share business model allows us to achieve that goal.

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