Making big changes to payments

Jun 18, 2023

In addition to launching an updated version of the marketing site yesterday, we’ve made some major decisions into how will operate to support your domain business. This past week we finalized a partnership with the leader in online payments: Stripe, to let you sell, lease, and even rent your domains right through without the risk of chargebacks!

The whole point of our platform is to build great ad-driven sites and provide ability to take direct payments. As I was scoping out how to accomplish the payments part, you all gave tons of great feedback about the concern of chargebacks and fraud transactions in not using a third-party marketplace.

From my experience in online payments, I decided to re-work my business plan and actually build as a payment platform to power these purchases. I’ve designed out an entire process to ensure we prevent fraud and chargebacks, and we’re heads down on building it as we speak! At a glance, when a buyer verifies their identity and purchases a domain, we’ll securely hold the funds and let you know that it is safe to transfer. Along the way, we’re documenting WHOIS/DNS record changes along with a few additional measures to prevent chargeback ability. When the transfer is complete, we’ll automatically send your payout safe and sound!

This allows us to provide sellers a safe place to accept payments and allows buyers confidence that a platform outside of the seller is handling their transaction. I think it will be a win-win for everyone.

We’re excited for this feature and brings us one major step closer to launching!
Next up on our roadmap is an advertising integration where you keep the revenue.

Thanks again for your support! And as always, feel free to reply directly with any questions or ideas you might have!

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