Designing the brand to tell our story

Jun 22, 2023

As the team is building our integration with Stripe to let you sell, lease, and rent your domains directly, I’ve shifted my focus into how we share who we are and what we do.

When I think of our name, three phrases come to mind:

  1. Temporarily permanent. For many, parking is the primary way of monetizing a domain while waiting on the right buyer. For some, however, you’ve chosen to run your business by building long term revenue through your properties. What if our platform supported both of these types of operations? We’re here for the short-run and long-haul.

  2. NS it and forget it. As you scale your portfolio, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand of content for each domain. I’ve spoken with some domainers that employ or contract handfuls of people to try and keep up with site management. We’d love to automate this and keep your domains from slipping through the cracks!

  3. Powered by AI. This is our important differentiator. If we’re using AI to power your domains’ content and design, why wouldn’t we also use it to jumpstart ours?

With these guiding principles in mind, I set out to design a logo that helps tell that story. And where did I turn? An AI image generator, of course! Iteration after iteration, I found a new way to dial in my prompting. Learning to ask the right question the right way is important. Here’s a few initial versions:

As you can see, they started a bit rough. However, they sparked some ideas for better prompting. After requesting a road and a more techy style, I saw these:

With these two images filling my mind with possibilities, I took them into Illustrator and finalized the look you now see!

Using a navigational arrow on an open road shows that we’re guiding you towards revenue, whether through a sale or advertising. And the deep, rich blues signify the commitment we’re making towards fierce reliability and transparency.I’m excited to partner with you on building a brand that leverages technology with open honesty that allows us to grow together!

We’ve got a long roadmap planned, but are very close to opening up our system to more of you! A few of you should receive invites over the next couple of days. And after just wrapping up a major rewrite to level up site performance, we’re in the final stretches of integrating Stripe!

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© Parkit AI, LLC. All rights reserved.

© Parkit AI, LLC. All rights reserved.

© Parkit AI, LLC. All rights reserved.